Apologetics: A Study of Christian Evidences – Part 2

This post includes a study of the Resurrection of Jesus and of biblical miracles. Here’s the link to open and save the PDF file.

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  • Patricia says:

    I read the pdf regarding Muslims seeing Isa (Jesus) and I've read the two popular books on the subject "Dreams and Visions" and the other one. I was very interested in your thoughtful treatise. My concern with these conversions was this: They did not immediately drop everything and start proclaiming Christ from the rooftops, free from fear of the Imans. They retained their fear of the Muslim heirarchy, they retained their fear of the Patriarchy, thier families, honor killings, established mores. They did not begin evangelizing but kept to an underground system as if they were in occupied France during Hitler's reign. That concerns me. Just as many of the 'near death' or 'trips to 'heaven'" (such as the popular one written by the orthopedic surgeon female doctor) bestseller out now, that has her seeing people she doesn't know, has her praising liberal theological denominations because of their "green environmental" values, etc. 
    Anyway…I value your analysis. 

    • Dennis McBride says:

      Hello Patricia,

      I appreciate your comments and share your concerns.  I have just finished reading Dreams and Visions, by Tom Doyle.  In time I want to write a follow-up on my initial paper, which will include some additional observations that I gained from that book.  I continue to pray for wisdom and discernment as I evaluate this movement.

      Blessings, Dennis.

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