Buryachok Family, 4th Quarter Update (2014)

Dear brothers and sisters,

The warmest greetings to you in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I am writing you to thank for your support of our family and ministry in the year 2014. Every time when I receive the support from you I feel support and encouragement. It is a great blessing for us. We wish you God's blessing and His protection!

My special gratitude to you for your prayers for the health of my wife. It was a difficult year where God taught us to trust Him in all trials. Now we can see it as a big blessing. When I started writing you this letter I was thinking about past years of my ministry in this church. During this time a couple families moved to different villages to start their own ministries. Young and active sisters, who finished Sunday schools, also moved and are serving in many other places. Despite this we again have young families in our church who have flaming hearts for serving God and we have a wonderful team of leaders. Three of our brothers started studying in Bible college to be preachers-missionaries.

Church camp for children and dysfunctional families

Two of our sisters prepare preventive lectures in secondary schools. They talk about the harm of drugs, alcohol and sexual relationships before marriage. During last months they have had 33 classes and do have a desire to develop this ministry in future. Administrations of schools are welcoming them as far as they see a great need in this kind of prevention.

The last month we had an opportunity to hold a Christmas Program with presents in two local schools and two kindergartens. Children did not know anything about Jesus Christ and Christmas itself. They just associated the celebration with Saint Nikolas who puts presents under their pillows and Santa who comes to their Christmas trees (photo 1).

Unfortunately, our church team of ministers is becoming smaller. Because of economic crisis and war, young families from our church have to look for a job abroad. Our sister in Christ, Okasana, who performs puppet theatre ministry, has also left. Also, brother Daniel who preached in our church and two more people are planning to go to Italy and Poland. Pray for other people to come and help in our ministries. But the most important, pray for peace in our land.

faith in action

In any case, we are continuing to serve God. During the last year my wife was in a hospital a couple times. Being there, she noticed the difference in attitudes to people from families and orphans. We were touched by those orphan kids and together with brother and sisters from our church we are visiting them and preparing some packages. I added the picture where you can see ill orphan children who were not taken to the families for vacation so they were put in infection department of a state hospital. When we come to visit them they are very happy. They tell us how they were waiting and that they have read booklets we had given them. When we enter their ward they are screaming to everybody that their friends came to visit (photo 2).

faith in action

If we see a need, we help children, who attend our Day Center. We buy clothes and shoes for them in second-hand stores (photo 3). On the photo is a boy Alexander – he attended our youth meeting and we noticed that despite the cold weather he was wearing the torn shoes and a cold jacket. In addition, he was constantly coughing. We talked to him and found out that he lived with his father, who drinks alcohol and practically has no money for living. We have started taking care of him. But the enemy never sleeps and this boy’s father forbade him to attend church. His father threated to kill him. Therefore Alexander is in great need of our prayers.

May the peace and love always fill your lives! May the Lord protect all of you!

With love and respect,

Ruslan Buryachok

Buryachok Family, 2nd Quarter Update (2014)

The warmest greetings to you in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We are very much grateful to the Lord for you and for your prayer and financial support of our ministry. It means very much for our ministry and gives us a possibility to dedicate our time to preaching the Gospel, especially during this very hard time for our people and nation. May our gracious Heavenly Father richly bless you and generously provide your every need!

Church ministry team

Thanks to our Lord, our family is doing well, although my wife’s health has worsened again. Please, join our prayers for this need. It may be dangerous, but we trust our Lord.

We also have a special request to pray for our country, so that God will grant us peace and so that bloodshed will stop. Pray God to protect our people. Recently the political and economic condition in our country has significantly worsened. In addition, people from the eastern regions of Ukraine had to leave their houses and look for refuge in other regions of Ukraine. Even our small church hosted three Christian families of refugees who have little children. Our congregation supports them as much as we can. Please, pray for these families – they have not their own dwelling and, in addition, their children get sick often.

Children praying

Telling about the ministry of our congregation, I want to thank our Lord for creating a very good team of ministers in our church (photo 1). Thus, a family of brother Daniel has joined our congregation not so long ago and this year they already visited public schools and evangelized to children. At the same time my wife and I had an opportunity to hold camps in other places. In this way we could serve in four villages. This year children have been especially open and many children responded to the invitation of repentance (photo 2).

We rejoice that our teenagers are also very active in ministry – they prepare puppet plays and with this evangelistic program we visit schools and kindergarten (photo 3).

Evangelistic Puppet Plays

At present we are getting ready to hold the Tent evangelization that we plan to hold this summer. We pray for the blessing of this ministry, so that we will be able to do it, because until now we have had many problems from the local authorities. We also ask so that the Lord will help us organizing the camps for women from our church, for children from the day center and for youth.

May the Lord richly bless you and reward you for your open hearts and for your support! It is a great blessing for us. May the Lord richly bless you! It is a great blessing for us to serve the Lord together with you.

With love and respect,

Ruslan Buryachok

Buryachok Family, 1st Quarter Update (2014)

The warmest greetings to you in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Please, accept our sincere congratulations to you, dear brothers and sisters, on the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is so wonderful that we believe in a living God, who gives us salvation and hope! We are so much grateful to Him for you and for your prayer and financial support of our ministry to the Lord. May He shed His abundant blessings upon you and generously provide your every need!

This year for our family has started very difficult. Because of a disease, a child my wife was pregnant with, died. After this, my wife went through the serious treatment that hurt her health. There are no analyses that can clearly show if this disease is healed, but we believe that God healed it. Our daughter also had a surgery (omphalocele), and as a result of it all, we faced financial difficulties. But during the hardest moments, the Lord was the closest for us, strengthened our faith and trust in Him, and encouraged us through the big family of God’s children. Our Lord is truly great!

But at the same time we have many blessings. Our church is very friendly and zealous in ministry. We develop great women’s ministry, in which sister Olesya, who leads this ministry, gives an opportunity to ladies to study the Scripture and express their thoughts. These meetings are held in an atmosphere of trust that women like very much (photo 1).

Women studying the Scriptures

In a special way the Lord blessed our children’s ministry, and though now fewer children attend our day center, those children who attend our meetings regularly are changing and become more obedient, attentive, love to pray and memorize Bible verses. It is a true miracle, considering the fact that they live in terrible conditions in their houses. Thanks to the Lord, with the help of our brothers and sisters we continue construction of Sunday school classes near our Prayer House. Also, brothers work free of charge, we only have need in buying the construction materials. Please, join our prayers for this need. We can’t wait when everything is over and we can prepare lunches for children and have the equipped place for ministry ready for them.

What a great joy for us is that our church is attended by three new people – two women from the neighbor village and a brother of our deceased sister in Christ who had prayed for him for a long time.

Recently the Lord gave to our church a great opportunity to hold evangelizations in many villages of our district by means of showing the “Magdalena” movie. We have already held four evangelizations and plan to hold it in three more villages. Not many people come, but those who do, are open for conversations. We take their addresses, pray for them and plan our ministry to continue communicating with them. This movie remains a great impression after watching it and awakens in people the desire to know more about Jesus Christ. In addition, we invite almost all people in these villages – we give invitations that are made like evangelistic brochures, and even those people, who were not able to come to our meeting, had a chance to read the Gospel (photo 2).

Watching the 'Magdalena' movie

It is joy for me to tell you that our youth are also involved into the church ministry – they are preparing the Easter puppet play to show it in schools and kindergartens. We have many plans and we ask you to pray for us, so that God will bless our ministry to Him. We also ask you to support us in prayer for peace in our country and for prevention of war. In addition, the economic and political situation deteriorated more and more. We understand that we have to trust the Lord in all that, but many people are truly afraid and anxious. Our hope is only in God!

Thank you very much for everything that you do here in Ukraine. Your prayer and financial support means very much for us. May our almighty and gracious Lord reward you hundredfold by the riches of His great mercy and love!

With love and respect,

Ruslan Buryachok