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Juanita Fike

I find little time or reason to be bored! The days are filled with a variety of ministries. Time is spent regularly proofreading missionary prayer letters and reports, UIM International’s monthly Prayer Bulletin, UIM family letters from the director, and any other documents sent my way for that purpose.

Recently much time has been devoted to assisting a UIM missionary in Canada with writing a manual for the mission’s developing internship program. We want to encourage Bible college students asking for missionary internships, praying that they will move into missions upon graduation. We are developing more uniform requirements, a list of opportunities for each field, guidelines, orientation plans, evaluations, etc. and organizing these documents into a cohesive whole.

Since December I have renewed efforts to complete the book I began a number of years ago—stories of God’s marvelous working in people’s lives and situations. It’s been difficult getting questions answered by some of our busy missionaries. It appears I may have to swallow my fear of technology and learn how to ask questions via WebEx. I am encouraged that four additional stories were approved in the past one to two weeks, making a total of 42!

The monthly mission news sheet mailed to donors comes from my pen. Occasionally someone requests that I write an article. The end of 2012 I wrote nine articles for a new UIM newsletter, which UIM hopes to publish three or four times a year.

In January my coworker and I started up the second semester younger Native girls’ club. We added a new girl, bringing the number to four. Last Thursday we restarted the teen girls’ club. Several girls have moved from the area, so we are down to two teens. My coworker can no longer assist with that club, so I’m praying for the Lord’s direction in finding a helper.

God gives other assignments along the way, including helping one day with a December Bible club at my coworker’s home, assisting an 87- and an 88-year-old missionary with their needs, attending a two-day Association of North American Missions conference, keeping in touch with missionary kids who used to live here in Flagstaff, and hosting various guests. Current guests (a couple with their 16-year-old daughter), here for nearly six weeks while he teaches a course at Indian Bible College, are missionaries to Latvia.